Facing the face

Carina Klarskov

Again? Yes – I know. I don't even know why I was trying to write about something else. I am talking about my brain always circling around one thing – medicine. Oh! You want me to write a text about something with faces? Guess what? – The only thing that comes in to my mind is explaining the anatomy of the face that underlies our facial expressions. I am a doctor in the making, but that is not all I am. That is why I really want to write something different, something that isn't my face outward in the world, but a little bit of me, and my face as I see it, when I look into my own eyes in the mirror. So here I stand. In my bathroom. Face front in the mirror – looking at my face. I think it's a quite nice face. Almost symmetrical. Scientifically we can measure beauty by how symmetrical a face is. The more I look at my face, the more asymmetrical I think it looks. I'm stepping back, to get the bigger picture.

That's better. The face. It's really complex. Not what you just see. We see the skin, the hair, most of the times we see the eye balls. When laughing, we see a bit of the 'person inside'. I like that. A layered face, just like I'm a layered person. A person is layered. A person has a layered face. I'm me, and you are you, and our faces are different. It's my boyfriend's face turning up in the mirror. Go away! I'm conducting a very important experiment and it is for my face only! The muscles in his face are contracting into what looks like a smile. Zygomaticus major. Zygomaticus minor. Orbicularis oculi Levator labii superioris. Levator anguli oris. Risorius. Muscles involved in smiling. I like Risorius. In French laugh is 'rit'.

FAT. nerves.lymph. ARTERIAL bloodvessels.CONNECTIVE tissue.ENDOST.muscles.bones.SKIN.
I just love them. Faces.

Carina Klarskov er en 24-årig dansk kvinde der læser til læge. Hon elsker at lære om den menneskelige krop og at arbejde med det hele menneske - intet problem er for småt til at blive taget alvorligt, hvis det fylder meget i personens liv. Hon har altid synes det var sjovt at skrive og arbejde med ord.